Recent activities

International trust office J.W. Versluis N.V.

The international trust office J.W. Versluis N.V., which provides business services and specializes in the refunding of international VAT and excise duty, was sold by its shareholders to Egis Easytrip Services B.V. The purpose of the takeover from the point of view of Egis Easytrip Services was to strengthen their strategic position and become one of the top five European market leaders in their field. Eric Spreij and Evert Leemreis assisted those selling their shares.  

Romaro Schoonmaakgroep B.V.

Romaro Schoonmaakgroep B.V. from Ridderkerk has acquired Meerwijk Schoonmaak B.V. and Meerwijk Asbest Sanering B.V. from Utrecht. Kees van den Bergh and Evert Leemreis assisted Romaro Schoonmaakgroep B.V. as the purchasing party.

KWX Group by Hemmink

KWx’s core business consists of the global import and export of power electronics, explosion protected installation material and electro-technical measuring instruments. Eric Spreij and Evert Leemreis assisted those selling their shares.

Vondelingenplaat Recycling B.V.

Vondelingenplaat Recycling B.V. has acquired the shares of AGC Flat Glass Nederland B.V., gaining control of business premises of approximately 48 hectares in Tiel. The buyer was assisted in this transaction by Marc van der Storm and Arjen Kampherbeek.

Smit Mobile Equipment B.V.

The shares of Smit Mobile Equipment B.V. and Smit Mobile Equipment (UK) Ltd. have been transferred to Kentucky Trailer, a producer of custom trailers, among other things, based in the United States who sees the acquisition as the basis for expanding its activities in Europe. During the acquisition, the shareholder and partners were advised and assisted by Arjen Kampherbeek and Evert Leemreis.

Support during business acquisitions

Our company law experts can assist both purchasing companies and shareholders and directors selling their shares during acquisitions and mergers. The best results are achieved if thoughts regarding the possible structure and approach to the transaction are exchanged with us in plenty of time, preferably in the earliest phase of the process, whereby we will always work closely with the attendant accountants and tax specialists.