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Pension law

Pension law is a complex area of law in which much has changed recently and will continue to change in the coming period. The stakes are often high and we therefore see an increasing need for advice, explanation and support.

HerikVerhulst has extensive experience and expertise in pension law, and we therefore advise our clients on matters including:

Disputes over compulsory membership in a pension fund:
There has been an increase in the number of employers being written to by pension funds informing them that they are obliged to join, sometimes even retrospectively. This can have a huge impact on your organisation. We regularly advise employers on the interpretation of the scope of an obligation decision and whether a company is obliged to join a pension fund and, if so, which pension fund. In close consultation with our clients and the pension fund, we seek a suitable solution, but if that fails, we also have extensive experience in legal proceedings in this area.
See, for example, the high-profile ruling on whether a pancake is a cake: ECLI:NL:GHDHA:2021:832, Gerechtshof Den Haag, 200.270.321/01 (

Other pension disputes:
Pension disputes are unfortunately not always avoidable. Discussions may arise about, for instance, pension entitlements, the interpretation of pension legislation and/or amending the pension agreement. Our specialists can support you in these matters and - where necessary - represent you properly in legal proceedings.

Mergers and acquisitions:
We regularly advise clients on pension liabilities and rights and their legal implications in a transaction, such as a merger or acquisition.

Change of working conditions:
Changing employees' terms of employment is a complex matter. To achieve it, the formal rules of the game must be followed properly and carefully. In doing so, we ensure compliance with laws and regulations with a practical approach from vast experience in adjustment and harmonisation processes within organisations.

Employee participation and works councils:
Changing pensions is an issue where the works council has a right of consent. We are engaged by both employers and works councils to provide guidance on this.

If you have a question about pension or are facing a pension dispute, contact one of our pension law specialists.

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