Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

Our Mergers and Acquisitions practice group consists of six specialist lawyers. They specialize in guiding mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in every conceivable form (with the exception of stock exchange transactions). Our lawyers work for buyers, vendors, and both formal and informal investors, target companies, management and other stakeholders.

Special interests

Each transaction involves particular special interests. We will draw up an inventory of these interests and bear them in mind at all times. We are aware that a vendor will have different interests to a buyer, and that a minority shareholder’s interests will be different to those of a majority shareholder. We also realize that parties have a shared interest: the successful completion of the transaction. 

Swift and practical approach

A practical solution combined with a solid legal assessment is essential in order to complete a transaction successfully. We always bear this in mind. We separate the essential points from the side issues, retaining a keen eye for important details. In addition to this, the size of our practice group means that you can rely on our expertise and legal support being available at all times.

Expertise during each phase of a transaction

Our lawyers’ expertise extends to every phase of a transaction: from memorandum of information, nondisclosure agreements, bidding letters, declarations of intent and due diligence research to transaction management and negotiations on transactional documentation.

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