Law of persons and family law, divorce mediation


Our family lawyers are specialized in providing guidance in case of a divorce or the end of cohabitation, drafting parenting plans/agreements and the analysis of marriage contracts.

Furthermore, we can assist you with maintenance adjustments, guardianship, custody and inheritance matters and we regularly litigate in case of administration orders and mentorships.

We know all too well that emotions can colour these matters, and we are trained to defuse these.


We also have specific experience as mediators. This is a technique that can be a helpful tool in consulting and litigation.

Collaborative divorce

In addition, our membership of and training provided by the Collaborative Divorce Holland Association means that we can provide knowledge about new ways in which a divorce can be arranged.


Should litigation be the only way to a solution we do not shy away from it. We litigate regularly and can help you make choices in legal matters and beyond.

The knowledge and experience we gained in consulting, mediation and as deputy judge means that legal proceedings will not take more time than is necessary.


Our fees reflect the fact that we often assist private individuals. We offer custom solutions, tailored for the client's interests.


Van den Herik & Verhulst Advocaten invests in obtaining maximum know-how and in the training of its lawyers. We are a member of vFAS (Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators), MfN (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland) and VVCP (Association of Collaborative Professionals) and we take all the required specialist courses plus (follow-up) training for mediation and collaborative divorce.


Vereniging Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators (vFAS)

Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN)

Vereniging van Collaborative Professionals (VVCP)