Work and Organization

Our Work and Organization practice group consists of seven lawyers who specialize in employment law. All our lawyers are trained specialists and most of them have followed post-doctoral specialized courses, such as the Post Academic Course in Dutch Employment Law (PALA). Intensive knowledge exchange and the sharing of recent developments ensure that we are always up to date. Our lawyers are members of specialist organizations, such as the Rotterdam Association of Employment Law Lawyers, the Dutch Association of Employment Law Lawyers (VAAN) and the Association of Young Employment Law Lawyers (VJAA).

From the signing of an employment contract up to dismissal

Although our lawyers mainly work for employers, they do also assist employees. We have in-depth knowledge of employment law, are experienced in the application of employment legislation and have knowledge of and experience with the relevant collective labour agreements. We are therefore able to advise our clients with the drawing up of both employment contracts and terms and conditions of employment, as well as dismissal procedures. Timely advice on dismissal can save a great deal of trouble ­– not to mention money – particularly since changes to the law dismissal came into effect on 1 July 2015 (the Work and Security Act, or WWZ).


We have wide experience of consultation with trade unions and works councils and advising on the drafting of redundancy packages. In the event of proposed reorganizations, we can provide integral guidance so that matters can proceed quickly and smoothly while still complying with all formalities. Correct and accurate implementation of these processes, together with appropriate attention to communication and the correct timing of consultations with employees, trade unions and works councils can prevent a great deal of unrest and help avoid excessive reorganization costs.

Other points in need of attention.

In addition to terms and conditions of employment, dismissal law and reorganizations, we also have specialist expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • problems related to the shaping of the employment relationship and the dismissal of directors under articles of association
  • national and international maritime employment law
  • consultancy in proceedings concerning non-compete clauses
  • occupational accidents and liability
  • right of participation.

Swift and available

A swift, practical approach is essential in the practice of employment law, but acting quickly without a sound legal basis would be irresponsible. We keep a sharp eye on this aspect, and know that what will help you most is a practical solution based on correct legal analysis. Thanks to the size of our employment law practice group, you can rely on our expertise and legal support being available at all times.