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Corporate litigation

The lawyers within the Corporate / M&A section have extensive experience in 'corporate' disputes, acquisition disputes and commercial disputes.

Corporate disputes include:

disputes between shareholders, directors and other stakeholders within a company

  • problems within joint ventures
  • D&O liability
  • group liability
  • disputes concerning corporate governance
  • misuse of corporate opportunities and matters concerning conflicting interests
  • disputes related to participatory decision making/works councils

Acquisition disputes

  • breakdowns in negotiations
  • post-closing disputes
  • warrantee and indemnity claims
  • unlawful competition
  • discussions about subsequent payments on the purchase price (earn out)


Commercial disputes

  • disputes about domestic and international purchase and sales agreements, general terms and conditions, collaboration agreements, supply contracts, agency and distribution contracts, franchise agreements and other commercial agreements



Our lawyers prefer to solve disputes in an efficient and practical manner, often without resorting to litigation. This is why we always begin with a painstaking legal and strategic analysis. This allows us to make an accurate estimation of the position and the possibilities for negotiation. If proceedings prove to be inevitable or necessary, we have the experience and expertise to conduct them. This may vary from attachments realising attachments or seizure and conducting proceedings before the courts, including courts of appeal, to inquiry proceedings (enquête-procedures) and arbitration.  

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